Williamsburg Water Country

The new Cutback Water Coaster is now open at Williamsburg Water County water park. It is a new type of hybrid water coaster, combining the thrill of both a traditional rollercoaster and a water slide in one. A water jet propulsion system and a saucer feature creates a steep, smooth ride through more than 850 feet of slide.

Rafts fit four people and travel up and down steep hills, jet tunnels and speed onto wide open spaces of rotating saucer-shaped features. The steep angles of these saucers create a drop and dive sensation as riders race along the edges. The new Cutback Water Coaster features the latest in turbine technology and thrills riders with heart-stopping turns, lightening fast drops and thrilling speeds.

This is the latest addition to the Mid-Atlantic's largest water park which also offers live entertainment, shops, restaurants and other family attractions alongside its water rides. Ths SeaWorld entertainment owned park is just a few miles away from Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The park has a fun retro 1950s and 60s surf theme, giving it the edge over your average water park. The park is open from May until September every year.

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