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1 Adult 8 tickets left £47.00 14% £40.42
1 Child 16 tickets left £46.00 15% £39.10
1 Adult + 2 Child 18 tickets left £139.00 18% £113.98
2 Adult + 2 Child 15 tickets left £186.00 19% £150.66
2 Adult + 3 Child 20 tickets left £232.00 20% £185.60
2 Adult + 4 Child 16 tickets left £278.00 21% £219.62
4 Adult + 4 Child 4 tickets left £372.00 22% £290.16

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is the place to experience awesome rides. The park features a wide range of thrilling experiences, and it is North America's only theme park that combines marine life, wildlife and wild rides! Attraction Tickets 4 Less has multiple ticket options available for you and your family.

Visit Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to experience a great adventure throughout three worlds in one kingdom! The park offers fun and unique activities that include sensational wildlife shows. Families and kids can take some downtime and relax at three kids’ play areas designed just for that!

Enjoy delicious dining options, unique shops, and the opportunity to meet the lovable Looney Tunes characters. Enjoy thrilling rides such as Superman Ultimate Flight, The Joker, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, family friendly rides like The Penguin and Cobra and award winning shows.

Terms and conditions for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

  • You will be sent a gate ready Six Flags Discovery Kingdom e-ticket, ensuring minimum fuss on arrival. No reservations are required
  • Disclaimer: Tickets are valid for a minimum of 3 months

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