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1 Adult 16 tickets left £57.00 14% £49.02
1 Child 18 tickets left £57.00 14% £49.02
1 Adult + 2 Child 22 tickets left £171.00 16% £143.64
2 Adult + 2 Child 23 tickets left £228.00 16% £191.52
2 Adult + 3 Child 10 tickets left £285.00 18% £233.70
3 Adult + 3 Child 15 tickets left £342.00 20% £273.60
4 Adult + 6 Child 5 tickets left £570.00 22% £444.60
1 Adult + 2 Child 5 tickets left £171.00 25% £128.25
2 Adult + 2 Child 4 tickets left £228.00 26% £168.72

Ticket Details

SeaWorld - the world’s best loved marine park! Here you’ll enjoy up close animal encounters, plunge down thrilling rides and experience the stunning shows.

This is the beautiful marine life park in San Antonio, full of ever changing attractions, great shows, amazing marine life and thrilling rides. Swooping over sea and sky, SeaWorld not only inspires riders with an amazing 100,000-gallon aquarium but also takes them on an exhilarating ride on a coaster, with dozens of twists and turns and a thrilling drops. Journey to Atlantis is a seemingly peaceful ride to the lost city, that is until it erupts into an adventure, where you’ll brave twists, turns, watery falls of mythic proportions and a 60 foot drop! Prepare to get soaked on Shipwreck Rapids, you’ll spin and splash through the waves, plunge through an underground cavern and just try to dodge dripping cargo nets as you swirl around a tropical island! Get up close with amazing animals, find yourself face-to-face with polar bears, beluga whales, walruses, arctic foxes and seals. It's a wild ride of discovery for all! 

Terms and conditions for SeaWorld San Antonio General Admission Ticket

  • You will be sent your ticket via email, this is valid for one admission to SeaWorld San Antonio for anyone age 3 or older. Valid any day that the park is operating throughout the 2020 season. Park products, hours and services are subject to change and cancellation without prior notice
  • No refunds will be issued if the ticket has been used
  • Disclaimer: All our tickets are valid for a minimum of 3 months. 

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