The Bear Grylls Adventure IFLY

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1 Adult 9 tickets left £60.00 16% £50.40
1 Child 8 tickets left £60.00 18% £49.20
1 Adult + 1 Child 5 tickets left £120.00 16% £100.80
2 Adults + 2 Child 1 tickets left £240.00 25% £180.00
4 Adult + 4 Child 2 tickets left £480.00 20% £384.00
3 Adult + Child 4 tickets left £300.00 20% £240.00

Ticket Details

Get ready for unforgettable fun as you challenge your brain, body and reflexes with incredible activities inspired by Bear’s love of adventure. We’ll get you fully briefed, geared up and ready to climb, dive, fly, zip, leap, scramble and explore. Escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary at The Bear Grylls Adventure.

IFLY: Feel the sensation of free-falling at 12,000ft! Get your adrenaline pumping in our indoor wind tunnel and experience the equivalent free fall time of three skydives.

No plane, no parachute, no jumping!: Find your balance mid-air with our skilled instructors at your side. Enter the flight chamber with courage as you master the skills of free fall.

Terms and conditions for The Bear Grylls Adventure IFLY

Please note tickets cannot be used on Saturdays

  • You will receive your ticket via email
  • A risk declaration form must be signed for iFLY
  • This activity is not suitable for guests with a previous arm or shoulder injuries
  • Opening times are subject to change without notice
  • No previous experience is required
  • The Bear Grylls Adventure is located at The National Exhibition Centre, Halls, Marston Green, Birmingham
  • Disclaimer: All tickets are valid for a minimum of 3 months.

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